Markforged announces new manufacturing facility in Billerica

Markforged announces new manufacturing facility in Billerica

Markforged, the award-winning composite and metal 3D printer, has announced that it plans to open a manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts. The 25,000-square-foot facility will facilitate the company’s material production, which rocketed by 81% last year. Matt Gannon, Vice President, Operations, Markforged, says that with the significant growth of Markforged printers in the industry, the consumption of their materials is continually increasing at a rapid pace. The new facility will give the company the ability to meet the demands of today and operations in the future. Billerica was considered ideal for the company’s expansion and Gannon says that it is a hotbed for technology and manufacturing companies, and is strategically located near key partners and knowhow to support the team.

The company, earlier this year, raised $82 million more in its Series D funding for accelerating its product roadmap. After the funding round, the company established its first European headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland. Following this establishment, a new R&D Innovation Center was built in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which provides supports its AI technology platform known as Blacksmith. Billerica marks the company’s third expansion and will accommodate more than double its production capacity. The company stated that demand is booming for its materials and 3D printers owing to its former expansions. The new facility currently houses 35 employees and will add another 25 in the following months.

The facility primarily aims to support the production of all of the company’s materials that are employed by the companies belonging to the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors, which includes the recently released Onyx FR 3D printing nylon, a flame-retardant composite material, and Inconel 625 that is a nickel-based superalloy compatible with Metal X. Alongside Markforged’s physical expansions, the company’s technology has been a vital part of enhancing its productivity for its customers.


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