Jotun launches new range of tank linings to restore serviceability faster

Jotun recently launched TankFast, a range of tank linings designed to allow tanks to return to service faster than ever, with superior chemical resistant properties for applications in the petrochemical, refinery and chemical sectors. Miles Buckhurst, Global Concept Director, HPI, Jotun, has explained that in order to optimize earnings, their customers will need to ensure that tanks are operational. Even with the presence of spare tanks, the storage and transportation capacity and profit potential are dampened in case one or more have to be deemed out of service, added Buckhurst. They have recognized that the industry needs to keep tanks running, and TankFast is a promising solution that enables tanks to return to service faster than ever before while maintaining the optimal level of protection.

TankFast comprises of a range of specifically tailored products, including Tankguard SF, facilitating wet-on-wet application, along with Tankguard Plus, supporting up to 50 percent faster paint application and curing, which results in substantially less frequent shutdowns, bringing tanks back in service in lesser time than before. Michelle C. Ystad Eriksen, Global Marketing Manager, HPI, has said that the advantages associated with the products are crystal clear. Stating the example of a large refinery with a capacity of 400,000 bpd (barrels per day), Ystad Eriksen says that it would require only two days to return tanks into operation rather than a week, and this can lead to the production of an additional 324 million liters of crude oil, emphasizing the ability of TankFast.

Ystad Eriksen has also added that it indicates that the tank linings to be employed in operations is more than a maintenance issue, it is a core business decision that can have a notable impact on bottom lines. Buckhurst added that the company sees this move as a clear win-win for their global consumer base within the highly competitive segments, wherein the optimum efficiency and productivity are essential for success.

Purushottam Gaurav

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