Nexa3D to work with CREAT3D to reach the global market

Nexa3D has announced that it has entered into a partnership with CREAT3D, the UK-based 3D printing value-added reseller. The manufacturer of SLA 3D printers plans to expand its presence in the UK through this newly formed partnership, which will also enable CREAT3D to distribute its 3D printer in the local market. This collaboration is part of Nexa3D’s network expansion strategy that involves the growth of its global go-to-market strategy. Avi Reichental, CEO and Executive Chairman, Nexa3D has commented that CREAT3D is the ideal partner to market their stereolithography 3D printers.

CREAT3D offers additive manufacturing equipment and services for business for streamlining design, engineering, and production processes. The Reading-based company has introduced several 3D printing technologies and services to the automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors, among many others. Its consumer base includes giants like GKN Aerospace, Google, Honeywell, Jaguar Land Rover, and McVitie’s. Reichental has also mentioned that the Nexa3D machines will allow customers to switch to ‘broadband-like productivity’ for manufacturing, which is not limited by speed and cost barriers. Simon Chandler, Managing Director, CREAT3D says that the company delivers the best additive manufacturing technologies, innovative services, and expert support to customers, helping them realize the full benefits of integrating additive manufacturing into their operations. This announcement comes with a string of agreements entered into by Nexa3D with companies including, Dynamism, the U.S.-based firm that will expand Nexa3D’s channel sales in North America. Nexa3D recently announced partnerships with resellers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia in keeping with its European expansion along with Japan-based Brulé.

Nexa3D’s NXE400 SLA printer premiered at the RAPID+TCT event held this year. Reichental has opined that technology blows off the doors for what can be done in terms of speed and size, and will allow users to accomplish new levels of productivity and optionality for end-users. The company intends to extend the reach of its SLA 3D printers in the global markets as a potential upgrade to users’ existing systems.


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